Ruth Macintosh

Thank you Sharon,
I enjoyed the course very much. I have only been through it once so far, doing the hair ups as I have watched. So stopping and rewinding to take in what you have done in more detail.
Only having one good quality hair mannequin I have to take the previous style out before I can start again. Difficult to get the exact result, but doing my own versions, which is of course what it is all about, taking something and using it in a way that works for you. I particularly liked the braid, also the pony tail and the last hair up. I will of course watch again and take what ever I can to break down hair ups into a much more broken down format.
I do have trouble getting the polished finish that you seem to get on all of your models. Practice makes perfect.
Working on long hair and doing up do’s is like being on a computer or gardening, timeless, you think you will just do an hour and before you know it has been three.
It has been particularly good during this lockdown to keep doing something creative, hopefully for all the weddings later in the year!!
Thank you again, stay safe and well,
Yours Sincerely