Multi-award winning global hair artist & educator

About Sharon Blain Hair

This “A-Game” styling education is brought to you by award winning and globally sought after educator, Sharon Blain.

Sharon is the styling force behind SHARON BLAIN EDUCATION. She has pushed the boundaries, staying relevant for over 5 decades, and continues to win awards (over 5oo!) and global accolades INCLUDING 2 X HAIR EXPO HALL OF FAME and AN ORDER OF AUSTRALIA! She has out-paced, out-styled and out-lasted just about everyone in the business of styling hair.

She is generous, creative and unstoppable in her love of this industry. And she has a mission to ELEVATE YOUR STYLING GAME to a level that is out of this world! From stunning bridal and celebrity red carpet hair styling, through to editorial and beautiful avant-garde dressing.

She’s made online learning awesome, simple, and totally game changing with proven formulas, techniques, and skills that will ensure you can produce stunning results with ease and absolute confidence.

Stand out in a sea of same and be the go-to stylist of choice!

Whatever your goals – Sharon’s comprehensive step-by-step proven formulas can help you get there.

Sharon is unmatched and your styling dreams are possible when she is your guide.

You now have the greatest opportunity to learn ALL her signature methods that have made her career inspiring, successful, and exceptionally fulfilled.

Are you ready to become the hairstylist you’ve always dreamed of?

She’s traveled the world educating thousands of stylists, and now this undisputed queen of styling hair can be with you online whenever you need her!