Sharon Blain


Sharon Blain OAM World-Acclaimed Long Hair Educational Artist

Sharon Blain is one of the most acclaimed hairdressers and educators globally today. For more than five decades, she has honed her craft, perfected her skills, and shared her unrivalled knowledge with thousands of hairdressers worldwide through workshops, seminars, online platforms, and her highly acclaimed boot camps.

Sharon’s innovative and unique education programs cover the entire spectrum of long hair expertise, from stunning bridal and celebrity red carpet hairstyling to editorial and avant-garde dressing. She is recognized for her exceptional creativity through stunning photographic imagery published worldwide and has received numerous prestigious accolades and achievements. These include winning Hair Expo Australia’s ‘Educator of the Year’ award an unprecedented five times and being honoured twice as a recipient of the Hair Expo ‘Australian Hall of Fame’. Globally, Sharon has been recognized at the International AIPP Awards for her stunning photographic collections and her skills as a highly successful business owner at the Global Salon Business Awards. In 2022, her outstanding service to the industry was honoured with a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) by the Governor-General – one of Sharon’s proudest moments to date.

Rarely has a hairstylist captured the hearts and minds of her students as Sharon Blain has. Testimonials and stories about how Sharon’s education has impacted the lives and careers of hairdresser’s worldwide flood in daily, and her education calendar is booked solidly years in advance – all testament to her unwavering reputation as an outstanding and highly respected educator and mentor.

Innovation is at the heart of Sharon’s skills and mindset. She has pioneered many unique techniques and tools throughout her career, and even after five decades in the industry, continues to revolutionize the way stylists learn, access, and absorb education. Sharon has developed a range of online and offline educational resources, including digitalized versions of her highly acclaimed Boot Camp workshop, over 180 tutorials translated into 7 subtitle languages, 4 books, DVDs, and hair padding. These resources are extensively used as training tools for colleges and academies worldwide.

The renowned Sharon Blain Boot Camp has been hailed as “the best value and most comprehensive hairdressing short course” offered globally today and continues to enthral its students with every delivery. Leading international platform educators, Hollywood stylists, Europe’s key creative teams, top American TV celebrity hairdressers, as well as the best bridal, makeup, and session stylists in the business, have all experienced the Boot Camp phenomenon and loudly praise the content, professionalism, and creativity of this unique educational experience.

If that wasn’t enough, Sharon’s dedication to the future of the industry has resulted in a brand-new education offering aimed at re-imagining Australia’s Hair Apprenticeships and advanced training Certificates. Known as THE CRAFT, it elevates formal qualifications to new heights with its first-ever coalition of respected global masters sharing their finest skills with the stylists who will propel this industry forward for years to come.

Sharon Blain is undoubtedly one of hairdressing’s most recognized and esteemed icons. Respect and longevity set her apart, along with her desire to leave a legacy that continues to ignite passion within the hearts of our future generations for years to come. And in 2024, she made history as the first female recipient of the 2024 International Hair Legend title at the IHawards, being crowned the 2024 International Hair Legend, cementing her status as an icon in the industry.